Almost 20 years ago, the Oxley Group was founded to bridge the gap between what traditional training companies provide and what operational leaders really want: Results.

That’s what the Oxley Group is all about. We aren’t your typical training and consulting company. That’s because all of our programs are geared towards one unwavering goal: taking results you are passionate about achieving and turning them into reality.

To make that happen, we go beyond the simple “Read-Remember-Repeat” methods that are so common in the training industry, and focus on changing the culture and habits of the individuals that make up an organization. That way, we can achieve both measurable short-term results and lasting long-term change.

That’s why we say that the Oxley Group is not a training company… it’s a results company.

If it sounds like we are passionate about what we do, it’s because we are. We need leaders every day who are convinced that there is a vast amount of talent locked up within their organization. We are here to help with practical “down to earth” strategies that will unlock the potential of your team or company.

Our vision? At the Oxley Group, we seek to be a catalyst, accelerating the growth of leaders, enabling them to increase their influence so that they can have a positive impact on a constantly expanding universe of people.

Oxley has identified four major solutions that companies can choose from to get leadership support:


Transforms leaders to inspire action and create lasting change.


Based on a philosophy of behavioral transformations that produce positive bottom line results.


Blends entertainment and motivation with actionable tips and advice that work in the real world.


Assist organizations to target opportunities for improvement and develop awareness in the group of what needs support in transformation.

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