When the director of the department in a major financial services firm came to us with the aggressive goal of reducing loss in client accounts – estimated to run in the millions – in a six month time span, we found that a lack of leadership was holding them back from meeting their goals.

Through our groundbreaking Leadershift program, which was presented to executives as well as regional and branch managers, we brought a focus and awareness to the relevant metrics that hadn’t existed in the past. Virtually overnight, goals that had seemed to be little more than wishes in the past suddenly became actionable targets. A new sense of clarity and accountability came into the picture, leading to the kind of performance improvement they had been striving towards for years.

In under a year, loss of customer accounts decreased by more than half, saving the firm an estimated $11.2 million. Subsequent audits showed that this was not a one-time result, as losses continued to stabilize and even decrease.

November 19, 2013 / By