When a Fortune 500 manufacturer came to us recently because they wanted to see some measurable improvement in their call center metrics, we were ready for the challenge. By sharing our cutting-edge materials with their internal leadership and training staff, we were able to leverage our expertise in a way that allowed them to customize it and share it through all levels of the organization.

The results were nothing less than astounding: the client was able to increase customer service scores across the board while actually lowering their implementation costs. In other words, performance got better while training expenses one down – that’s the kind of success we know our clients are looking for when they come to us.

Often, improvement in the margins, and getting the details right, can lead to massive bottom-line gains in organizations of all sizes. By taking advantage of our innovative training and implementation programs, this client was able to get access to the best programs and modules without having to develop them internally. They got greater efficiency, happier customers, and lower costs all around. We couldn’t be more proud of our part in their development.

February 7, 2014 / By