It’s not always easy to find and grow leaders, even if your organization is number one in the marketplace. That was the challenge facing a huge company, and one with managers spread around the country, when they came to us last year.

Our first task was to change the culture within the company to one that fostered a more positive approach. It’s natural to feel defensive when you’re getting feedback, and especially criticism, from higher up the corporate ladder, and that was creating challenges in both communication and execution. By changing the focus to one of self-assessment, we were able to get staff members at all levels to better understand their strengths and weaknesses – and get committed to better results in the future.

The feedback we received was that it was the best training the company had ever received. Beyond simply offering a few tips and moving on, we were able to help hundreds of leaders rethink their roles in the organization , and the best ways to motivate and develop their teams. While it’s hard to put numbers to that kind of success, the client is still feeling its impact today.

March 2, 2014 / By