Success Stories

A 64% increase in profits, after only 5 months, is the kind of growth every organization dreams of. But that’s exactly why the Oxley Group was able to help one of our clients – a financial services firm with a four month business window during tax season – achieve through a series of intensive training modules.

The real kicker: they didn’t pay anything up front.

You read that correctly. When senior leadership first approached us about that opportunity, we were so confident that the Oxley Group had the right solution that we agreed to work with them for a percentage of their profit increase. In other words, if our program didn’t have an effect, they wouldn’t pay a single penny.

We’re sure they would agree that our customized leadership development program, presented to staff in 65 offices spread throughout the southeast US, paid for itself and then some. The seven days they spent with us, and the following weeks implementing changes, were a transformational moment in their growth.

June 5, 2014 / By