Are you frustrated with some aspect of your team’s performance? Should you be? Even if you are leading correctly, there will be times (through no one’s fault) where the team’s performance is less than desired. At this point we have a choice – accept the current performance level from the team or work on improving […]

January 21, 2020 / By admin

What can you learn from your alarm clock about leadership? It turns out quite a bit. This scene is played out in almost every household across the nation each morning: The alarm clock goes off to alert you that it is time to get up. At that point there is a battle that takes place […]

September 24, 2019 / By admin

Having worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of teams, you could say we have a fairly robust set of data to draw upon to identify what makes teamwork really click. Now, notice that I use the word ‘team’. There is a HUGE difference between a high performance team and group of high performance individuals. The […]

August 1, 2018 / By admin

Why Everything You Think You Know About Teamwork Might Be Wrong! Register for the Complimentary High Performance Teamwork Workshop by Clicking Here What would you say makes the most productive team? Combining the best people? The smartest people? Finding people with similar motivations? Putting ‘like’ personalities together or putting a mix of personalities together? Making […]

July 24, 2018 / By admin

For years clients have asked me to engage in executive coaching and my answer has always been the same: NO. Why you may ask? Because most coaching engagements are bad deals from the outset. They are doomed to failure before they even start. And since I respect my clients and always endeavor to spend their […]

May 29, 2018 / By admin

One of the biggest frustration leaders have is coaching the same issue over and over. In this post we show you how to ensure your coaching isn’t ‘deja vu” all over again!

October 3, 2017 / By admin

While the millennial generation is often maligned, they are actually the most talented and creative generation yet. Here are 4 myths you need to move by if you want to truly win them to your cause – whatever that may be.

February 21, 2017 / By admin

While the New Year brings boundless opportunity and the possibility of a fresh start, most of us find ourselves starting the New Year without a clear plan. Why? Because while a New Year offers the opportunity for a fresh start, we also drag the past into the future with us. What I mean by this […]

December 28, 2016 / By admin

The other day I was coaching a leader that was complaining that his boss lacked empathy. In this case, the boss was demanding an increase in the level of performance of the team. The manager (I was coaching) felt that the boss was not paying attention to the circumstances surrounding the lack of performance. Then it […]

October 18, 2016 / By admin

Can you really ever get anyone else to change? For those of us in leadership, the answer to that question had better be a resounding ‘yes’. However, the degree to which we are successful in getting other people to change is certainly a different question altogether! In this post we will investigate the one critical […]

September 20, 2016 / By admin