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Internationally recognized speaker, author, and executive coach.

He is the founder of The Oxley Group, an Executive and Leadership Coaching Practice with a focus on helping companies attract, develop, and retain high-performing employees that deliver exceptional performance.

He inspires thousands of CEO’s and leaders every year through speaking, training, and coaching. His clients include many household names including Mohawk, CNN, Cartier, TK Elevator, and Progressive.

Keynote Samples

National Association of Mortgage

Field Services Convention

Keynote Address

Clip: Dave Cooper

What do you do when you know that your boss's instructions will lead to failure, and no matter how well you try to respectfully push back on those instructions, you're met with 'this is what we're going to do!'? How do you move forward?

Mohawk Convention

Keynote Address

Clip: UNO Cards

When it comes to changing the way that employees engage with each other and their customers it is not enough to review the same tired old strategies that have not worked before. The first step in turning frustration into delight is to UNDERSTAND yourself and DISCOVER the different ways people interpret words such as ‘customer service’ and ‘teamwork’.

Starnet Fall Convention

Keynote Address

Clip: Three Roles Of A Leader

Are you the Hero, Villain, or the Guide of your Employees lives? Do you know how playing each role may affect your team's productivity?


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James Garris


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Greg Syfan


"If you have the opportunity to bring the Oxley Group in to work with your business for leadership development you will not be disappointed."

Anthony Shope


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