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As you set more aggressive goals, you will continue to experience problems and challenges that are new to you. There are two ways to overcome new challenges:

  1. Trial and error by yourself.
  2. Learn from the experiences and input of others.

In order to accelerate your progress on goals you have set, and minimize challenges and frustrations, high achievers become experts at learning from others. There simply is not enough time to learn everything by yourself.

At the Oxley Group, we call this an attitude of coachability. We define coachability as:

  1. An openness to the ideas of others.
  2. A willingness and ability to change your behavior.
  3. A willingness to change until your results improves.

An openness to the ideas of others:

Most individuals, when asked, would claim they are quite open minded. However, the same individuals would claim there are many people they interact with that are not open minded. In truth, how ‘open-minded’ we are depends on how emotionally vested we are in the idea that is being challenged.

When presented with a new idea, we only have two choices: we can choose to learn, or choose to defend why we are right. However, you cannot do both at the same time. If you choose to defend why you are right, all learning will cease. If you choose to learn, you must suspend the right to defend yourself, only asking questions to understand a different point of view.

Choosing to learn does not imply that you blindly accept another’s point of view. It means that you are willing to let go of being right and objectively analyze an opposing point of view.

A willingness and ability to change your behavior:

Change of any kind is difficult to implement. Changing habits can feel downright impossible unless it is approached correctly. People who struggle achieving behavior change often focus on why the change cannot occur. Goal achievers exhibit a willingness to change their behavior when provided with feedback.

A willingness to change until results improve:

Coachable people realize that until an improvement in results has taken place, there is still more growth, development and change necessary. The success or failure of individuals and organizations, hinges on an understanding of this critical concept. You must never lose sight of the fact that hard work and long hours are meaningless if we you do not change your results.

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