“I’ve had the privilege of working with Andrew prior to my employment with Altisource. As a result of our previous experiences, I recommended him to be our keynote speaker a few years back. Andrew was such a hit with attendees that the two subsequent years our committee selected Andrew to return without any nudges from me. That’s a real testimony to the reception of his personality, approach and the relevant message he delivers. He’s been a great addition to our annual conference. ”

Ron Priest - Senior Manager, Altisource

If you are like most conference planners you have a daunting task each year. How do I create innovative and timely content so that attendees will not just be entertained – they will gain actionable insights that will translate into long term value?

Planners today aren’t looking for a speaker. They are looking for an expert that speaks on practical application that they haven’t just read about – they have delivered bottom line results. The challenge with most keynotes is that they are like taking a warm shower. It feels great while you are in it – however you need another one the next day.

A truly great keynote provides more than entertainment and laughs. It provides insight that motivates and informs valuable change. It takes the complex and makes it simple so that it’s memorable and actionable.

If you are ready to book a speaker that delivers more than cliches and stories, let’s talk.

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