of organizations indicate their leadership strategy was not aligned with business strategy*

  • Developing yourself is expensive.
  • Most training is ineffective and boring.
  • Training programs have not worked for you.
  • There is too much information.
  • You have not found a comprehensive system that is memorable and powerful.
  • Most training is "feel good stuff" that does not impact business results.

LeaderShift is a complete leadership development system that has everything you need to hire, develop, and retain a highly effective team. All for the fraction of the cost of other development tools.


What frustrates leaders the most is having the same problems day after day.

Do you feel like you could make more progress on:

  • Your team's productivity.
  • Feeling stuck, stressed and tired.
  • The quality of the work being generated.
  • Team members not being engaged.
  • Having to react to problems daily.
  • Too many problems needing to be solved by you.
  • Being unable to make the progress you know the team is capable of.
  • Too much of the team's success is dependent on your presence

How it Works

Leadershift provides a time proven framework to accelerate your progress

Design a roadmap for your development.

Help you and your team find that 'next gear' so that you can perform at the highest possible level.

Help you lean into your natural leadership style.

Discover the simple yet powerful truth that allows you to connect and motivate any individual and team.

Harness the unbelievable power of the razor’s edge focus.

Learn the secret to moving past goal setting to goal achievement.

Develop the ability to engage each team member and communicate in a manner that creates passion for achievement.

Create a team that welcomes change and is energized by it.

Your Plan for Growing Your Leadership


Connect with your coach & create your personalized leadership development roadmap to transform the way you lead.

Transform Your

Each coaching session is connected to action oriented exercises to help you transform your team.

Transform Your

Achieve even greater success as your team clicks into that ‘higher gear’ you know is possible.

What's Included

Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

During your one on one coaching calls, your coach will work with you to set specific and measurable goals and design a roadmap for your leadership development. Your coach will help you connect your leadership development goals to the performance of your team so that you can accelerate their progress. Our coaches are experts at helping you discover what is blocking the progress you desire so you can live the life you deserve to live.

Talent Insights Profile

Our in-depth Talent Insights Report will help you understand your natural leadership style and motivations helping you gain the self-awareness necessary to set and achieve your goals. This powerful 48 page report will clearly illustrate how to lean into your leadership gifts while avoiding the tendency to overplay your strengths and alienate parts of your team. Not only will this report improve your business communication, it will impact every area of your life.

LeaderShift Training Modules

The LeaderShift Program directly addresses the significant challenges every leader must overcome to break through the complexity of their daily routine and return to a state of simplicity and clarity that leads to stress free living. Each module in the program is delivered in both written and video form, along with action exercises to apply the lessons being covered. Your coach will help you overcome to obstacles that you face as you challenge your team to find that ‘next gear’ and accelerate progress.

Team Collaboration Platform

Our Team Collaboration Platform makes changing your interactions with your team automatic. One of the biggest challenges you can face is knowing how to communicate, motivate and manage the complex and different people on your team. Our Team Collaboration Platform gives you powerful and easy to access information on your whole team in one easy to access interactive dashboard. You will be able to get in depth insights on those individuals that you interact with the most, improving your knowledge of yourself and your team so that you can increase your influence and performance.

LeaderShift is ideal for

  • Operational Leaders
  • Line Managers
  • Sales Leaders
  • C Level Executives
  • Directors and Team Leaders
  • High Potential Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs

“I was fortunate enough to have met Andrew early in my management life and the coaching skills he has provided have had a direct and measurable impact on my career.”




What to expect from Leader Shift:

  • An opportunity to regain clarity and focus.
  • A proven framework for your continued success.
  • Practical tools to assist in the application of the framework with your team.
  • A network of support to ensure you accelerate your progress.
  • A "no-fluff" approach to leadership
  • Increased accountability and engagement from your team.

“Andrew, without question, is the best facilitator of leadership training that I have ever encountered in my professional career. I would strongly recommend him to any organization looking to increase productivity or enhance the skill set of a team.




The Learning Modules in LeaderShift directly address the following Leadership Challenges:

  • Why people struggle with change and what to do about it.
  • Learn a 6 step process that will maximize the effectiveness of your coaching conversations.
  • Learn how to develop goals that connect to business performance.
  • How to increase accountability and develop talent for the future.
  • How leadership is different today and the skills you must master to accelerate the progress of your team.
  • Discover how to ensure business results without micromanaging.
  • How to develop a razor's edge focus.
  • Learn what to do when things go horribly wrong.
  • Why most goal setting does not end with the desired outcome.
  • How to embed a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

“Andrew has been an invaluable coach and sounding board the past 4 years. He’s helped me be a better leader and raised my effectiveness in leading major transformation. His coaching has been very helpful assessing complex problems and empowering teams to tackle them.”

Michel Vermette – President & CEO, Armstrong Flooring

“I’m continually amazed at Oxley’s ability to facilitate creative solutions to lingering and what seemed insurmountable issues. I would recommend any company in todays economy to seek out Oxley’s counsel for their unique ability to get root causes of opportunities.”

Keith Daly – President Personal Lines, Farmers Insurance

“Andrew always has complete command of the wisdom he delivers to the leaders he is developing. It’s a special gift to be able to help another individual enhance their level of self-awareness and grow them as a leader and Andrew possesses this gift. His mastery at coaching and helping others become a coach/leader makes him a highly desired partner to any business leader.”

Kathy Roeder – VP, Human Resources, Lumina Foods

“Without question, Andrew is the best executive coach. I can’t imagine our team would have grown like we have without investing in Andrew’s coaching. His process has unlocked more effective communication and higher productivity across the company. Andrew’s coaching methodology is inspirational, tactical and life changing.”

Mark Sosebee – President & CEO Gold Creek Foods
7 Deadly Sins of Leadership Webinar

Many leaders struggle to unlock the full potential of their team. This is frustrating because in all other aspects of their work they are highly successful.

The problem is, the skills that have propelled their success to this point are different than the skills required to reach the next level of success.

We’ve found most leaders are being held back by 7 common traps we’ve come to define as the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership.

Join us on February 16th to learn how to avoid these 7 Sins, so you can spend less time feeling stuck and stressed and be able to accomplish more at work, in less time, and go home each day feeling energized and productive.

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership Complimentary Action Guide

To become a great leader, you must avoid The 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership.

Discover what’s holding you back from realizing the full potential of your team.



Request a Free Strategy Roadmap Call
Get clarity on the path to accomplish your goals and accelerate your team's progress.
Request a Free LeaderShift Strategy Roadmap Call

Get clarity on the path to accomplish your goals and accelerate your team's progress.

* The Balanced ScoreCard (Kaplan/Norton)